readiness reviews

io works collaboratively to identify project value drivers and then with all parties to ensure that projects stay true to their goals – protecting value

We deliver independent project readiness reviews through desktop reviews, interviews and workshops conducted against a backdrop of value protection for clients.

value drivers

  • collaborative workshops with you to identify project value drivers and how they relate to requirements
  • prioritisation using the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
  • requirements modelling to flow value drivers throughout projects

planned decisions

  • working with your stage gate processes, or designing a robust governance process, to ensure rigorous assessment of project’s readiness to move to the next stage
  • Decision Quality (DQ) framework to remove cognitive bias from decision process
  • systems modelling to dynamically access the impact of changes

unplanned decisions

  • holistic assessments of proposed changes to cumulative devaluation
  • systems thinking to understand how unexpected changes impact projects

risk & uncertainty

  • quantitative evaluation of risks, and risk impact of potential changes, using bespoke risk evaluation tools: sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation and Real Option analysis

value improvement reviews

  • design to capacity review ensuring the design is fully in line with requirements and has not been over engineered
  • technology selection and process simplification design review workshop with you where the team constructively challenges equipment selections and process configurations with a view to reducing complexity and cost

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