challenge: case study

offshore compression

caribbean offshore compression


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Field production from a complex group of 350 wells producing from different reservoirs is anticipated to decline in the medium term. Identification of the best compression solution to maximise economic benefits for the asset was required.

value driver

Multi-disciplinary experienced team, from reservoir experts to system designers, using structured approaches to problem solving & “systems thinking” model design & development. Enabled fast evaluation of 50+ scenarios.


io “systems thinking” for the client to evaluate technical scenarios, run sensitivities and identify the best economic solution delivered an estimated 30% capital spending reduction and reduced the project delivery time frame by 18 months.


To accelerate the client’s decision making process and reduce the requirement to run multiple cases, by developing a tool which could help senior management achieve this. The aim was to identify a few best possible technical and commercial solutions by altering target sensitivities before handing over to technical and commercial teams for detailed analysis and evaluation.

io approach

  • to follow a validation and verification (V-model) approach for developing the integrated asset model
  • to establish understanding of the client’s need and objective
  • to find the best way forward to achieve the objective in the most efficient way
  • to agree what is delivered to the client and what constitutes success for them
  • follow the verification and validation process in order to achieve the required goal
  • use commercially available software to develop a model that could be handed over to the client enabling them to make subsequent changes as new data and insight become available


actions taken

  • formed a multi-disciplinary small team to analyse the problem, understand the scope and come up with innovative ideas
  • developed conceptual framework, process flow & system loop diagrams
  • completed individual systemic components (reservoir, compression, commercial)
  • integrated components, tested functionality & expanded to multi-flow lines