io is pleased to welcome Stewart Ralston to the team

io welcomes Stewart Ralston to the team

Stewart is an experienced Principal Consultant, Construction Law Specialist & Senior Project Manager with extensive experience in the global on and offshore oil, gas & energy sectors.

As a very capable, well known and highly regarded individual in the industry for successfully delivering robust asset late life and decommissioning strategies, he will work closely with both of our parent companies to address these great opportunities disguised as formidable challenges, to satisfy an ever-increasing global market for maturing asset-centric services.


io’s CEO, Richard Dyson, says “I am delighted to welcome Stewart to the team. As a deeply experienced professional, he brings huge value to io and our clients leading our Aberdeen Consultancy and Asset Late Life Opportunity Initiative. This completes the end-to-end project lifecycle offering and affirms io’s position as a leading consultant in the oil & gas industry.”

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