io consulting

io is a strategic creation by Baker Hughes, a GE company and McDermott launched in 2015 with the specific remit to bring more projects to sanction by disrupting traditional approaches and to help “solve” the cost and schedule overruns typical of mega-projects in the offshore oil & gas industry pre-2014. Since inception we have grown and adjusted our USP to reflect the changing nature of the challenges facing oil & gas projects in a lower commodity price environment and to reflect the uniqueness of our proposition as the early engager for our two Tier 1 parents aspiring to embed greater certainty and higher decision quality into the projects we have been working on.

Whilst the core of our focus and work has been on upstream oil & gas projects, as our parents have diversified so have we. The techno-economic and strategy skills we apply to enable upstream projects are now being brought to bear on all things energy transition as well. Our expectation is that in the near term the core focus of our activities will continue to be on enabling upstream and midstream projects, with a greater emphasis on minimising environmental impacts, we will increasingly, be applying our approaches to the challenges of enabling projects that support the energy transition.  To this end and to reflect this diversified portfolio of projects and capabilities we have, today renamed to io consulting.

Richard Dyson, CEO


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