fuel cell electric vehicles market & infrastructure considerations

As the energy transition progresses, a key area to consider is the decarbonisation of transportation. How this will be achieved remains the subject of fierce debate: will electric vehicles dominate the road?. Will hydrogen fuel cell vehicles take over?, or is the solution a blend of technologies?.

Elon Musk has denounced fuel cells as ‘fool cells’, whilst Toyota, the world’s largest fuel cell vehicle manufacturer, doubled-down on its commitment to the technology by declaring the launch of its 2nd generation FCEV in late 2020.

Despite electric vehicle usage outnumbering FCEVs by two orders of magnitude, a number of countries have announced ambitious targets, some of which include deployment of 1m+ FCEVs by 2030.

We take a deep-dive into the assumptions behind these claims, with the aim of understanding how realistic these targets are and the infrastructure needed to support large scale FCEV uptake.


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