advisory: case study

FSRU feasibility study

fast turnaround technical assessment of a FSRU location in Ghana


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Ghana’s power plants suffer from an undersupply of gas. LNG is required as a stopgap before domestic production increases; the feasibility of positioning an FSRU in the Takoradi port area is required.

value driver

Expert technical desk study assessment delivered within 48 hours in a concise report including preliminary order of magnitude cost estimates and alternative mooring options.


Ghana gas demand context, FSRU to power station plan, process scheme review, capital cost evaluation, port plan assessment and effective US$/ MMBtu import cost estimate.


There is a lack of available gas and a need for additional thermal power plants towards the western end of the Ghanaian coastline. io reviewed the feasibility of positioning a FSRU in the Takoradi port area and the infrastructure required to connect to the gas transmission system.

io approach

  • to assess the options to connect a FRSU to the gas transmission system and alternative mooring options and locations
  • to challenge the original basis to locate the FSRU within the Takoradi Port due to safety and port operations concerns
  • to demonstrate that the capex for a fixed mooring and 21 km onshore pipeline within Takoradi Port was higher than an offshore moored solution


actions taken

  • assessment of potential volume ranges for LNG/gas import
  • high level view of the infrastructure required to moor a FSRU within the Takoradi Port
  • estimate of capex and opex for alternative infrastructure concepts
  • calculation of likely import cost of feed gas in terms of US$ / MMBtu