is there structural change afoot in the oil and gas market?

OPEC has met and the results are in – the oil cartel has agreed to cut oil supply by 1.2 million barrels a day in a move that silenced sceptics and sent Brent crude prices up nearly 9 percent to above $50bbl.[1] The move comes after eight years without market intervention and in the wake...
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how does oil and gas fit into a changing UK political landscape?

In the new and uncertain political landscape that is post-Brexit Britain, eye-captivating headlines are never far away. In recent weeks, the nation’s broadsheets have been filled with a scintillating array of Westminster gossip, ranging from deep rifts in the Labour Party to Brexit triumphalism among grassroots Conservatives. The new Government’s policy on the oil and...
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big changes are coming: it’s the oil and gas industry’s turn to embrace the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are on the cusp of a profound technology change across industries, including the oil and gas supply chain. General technologies – ones that have broad application across a range of industries – will drive the next era of productivity growth. They will lead to disruptive innovation and change the basis of competition. Disruption was...
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